A Hybrid-Multichannel Approach to Internet Marketing: Think Global, Act Locally

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Spring 2006


In the year 2005, 75% of the world's online market is expected to be from outside the USA. However, it is very misleading to think that a 'one size fits all' e-Marketing mentality will be successful on a global basis. Each country and even different regions within a country manifest cultural differences on how to use the internet in making and executing purchase decisions. It is important to remember that these cultural differences are both material (purchase behaviour) and non-material (customs, attitudes and laws). Therefore, successful e-businesses will need to take the time and effort to identify, understand and integrate local cultural nuances into their plans. One way of doing this is to develop hybrid multichannel approaches that use the internet to enhance preferred local purchase decision-making and behaviour patterns. To minimise costs, while maximising the understanding of local cultures, cross-border alliances are recommended. This will allow e-businesses to grow globally while focusing on local markets in an increasingly multichannel world. Finally, it is suggested that academic researchers and applied practitioners focus their attention on the profitable role that multichannel, click and mortar approaches can play into the global marketplace.