Impact of Internet Self-Efficacy on e-Service Brands

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Fall 2009


As the Internet expands to include individual applications such as banking, shopping, information gathering, and so on, brand managers and marketers have turned to the Internet to utilize it as an effective branding vehicle. Consequently, understanding how the Internet could be used effectively in e-branding becomes imperative. One barrier to a successful utilization of the Internet as a branding tool is the rate at which individuals adopt and use the various e-services made available to them. As will be discussed, adoption depends, in part, on the users’ level of Internet self-efficacy. This chapter illustrates a conceptual framework for understanding Internet self-efficacy and presents findings from an exploratory experiment designed to investigate the link between self-efficacy, attitudes toward e-services and individuals’ likelihood of using such e-services. Results are presented and managerial implications for e-service providers are drawn.