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Political Science

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2019


While holding almost half of all civilian-owned guns around the globe and yet only 4.4 percent of the world’s population, the United States of America is heavily centered around gun rights due to the 2nd amendment in the U.S. Constitution. But gun violence is on the rise as deaths due to gun violence are at its highest rate in nearly 40 years. Americans are divided amongst themselves when it comes to how we must approach this issue. In order to reduce gun violence in the U.S., both Republican and Democrat leaders must come together and make bipartisan moves to implement stricter gun control regulation at the federal level. This paper explores the level of urgency gun control regulation calls for as well as the many ways gun violence is tolerated. By using previous studies and a survey poll conducted by myself, statistical data will be used to support arguments for better gun control regulation at the federal level. These research sources include quantitative methods. Since gun violence is heavily credited to the gun purchasing system itself, federal changes must be made in the process to legally obtain a gun. From extending background check wait periods to instilling limitations on age and types of weapon purchased, the reduction of America’s high gun violence rates is certainly possible if Congress would pave a pathway and actively pass new gun control laws.

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David Licate

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Stephanie Yuhas

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Kimberly Hufgard



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