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2018-12-17 04:50:29


Early Childhood Education

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2019


For my honors research project, I will be focusing on the process of Early Childhood Education assessment and evaluation. To so, I will conduct a series of literacy-based assessments to 3rdgrade students at Woodridge Elementary School. In a group of three to four students, I will assess various literacy skills such as fluency, comprehension, word recognition, sight words, letter recognition, phonics, vocabulary, and affective surveys. I will present each student with the varying assessments, recording anecdotal notes as they complete the assessments. Will gather the data found in each assessment and use it to find each student’s instructional reading level among other benchmark levels. I will compile the assessments into a streamlined document with evaluations and data analysis of each student. I will write an analysis of each assessment and the achievements each child makes. I will use the data to create a final summary of learning; describing in detail the process of assessment and evaluation that is used in third grade classrooms.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Gail Evanchan

First Reader

Dr. Margaret Katie Murdoch

Second Reader

Mija Trammell



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