Date of Graduation

Fall 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



Research Sponsor

Janna Andronowski

First Reader

Brian Bagatto

Second Reader

Jordan Renna


Human and black bear metacarpals and metatarsals, or the hand and foot bones and bear paws, are well documented on a gross anatomical level. The macrostructural data comparing the two species is useful in distinguishing the species unless fragmented bone is found. In this case, histological data is used for clearer and more accurate comparisons but, research that compares the metapodials of black bears and humans on a microstrutural level is scarce. This study aimed to aid in forensic science identification scenarios where fragmented bone is discovered by providing the differences between black bear and human metacarpals and metatarsals on a microstructual level. The data was collected using non-invasive micro-computed Tomography (micro-CT). Micro-CT created 3D images of the left third metapodials. The images were reconstructed and used to visualize the measured parameters. The Statistical analyses demonstrated the significant differences that were present between black bear and human metacarpals and metatarsals.

Included in

Biology Commons