Date of Graduation

Spring 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



Research Sponsor

Dr. Gregory Wilson

First Reader

Dr. Kevin Kern

Second Reader

Dr. Patricia Vinyard


This Honors Project is a combination of a written Honors Thesis and my own work for The Ohio State Reformatory Historic Site (OSRHS), and is being submitted to The University of Akron in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in history. I completed archival work for my internship at OSRHS as a part of my Certificate in Museum and Archive Studies. The written thesis for the Honors Project is titled “Towards a Public History of the Ohio State Reformatory” and contains two parts: Part I: A History of The Ohio State Reformatory (OSR), which contains a history of the Mansfield, OH institution and its efforts to reform; and Part II: Building the Archival Collection, which contains details about the archival records I located to supplement the records at OSR and my contributions to OSR’s archives.