Date of Graduation

Spring 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Applied Mathematics - BS/MS

Research Sponsor

Dr. Clemons

First Reader

Dr. Kreider

Second Reader

Dr. Young


A two dimensional model is developed to describe how organic and inorganic inhibitors slows down the corrosion damage of a coated metal plate that contains a defect. The model contains a metal covered on one side by a coating that contains organic and inorganic inhibitors, electrolytes that are on the outside of the coating, and a small defect in the coating. The defect is an area where the coating is more porous and allows the electrolytes to leak in faster. In this model the organic inhibitor is presumed to be dissolved into the coating and the inorganic inhibitor is released as water becomes present in the coating. To simulate the effects of corrosion and the inhibitors over time partial differential equations for the concentration of water, oxygen, organic inhibitor, and inorganic inhibitor in the coating and corrosion product zone are developed. Asymptotic analysis is used to simplify the two dimensional equations into one dimension. The one dimensional equations are then discretized using the Crank_Nicholson method.