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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2018


Financial stability cannot be built overnight. It takes years of working, saving, investing and planning to develop and maintain financial stability. However, one poor financial decision can destroy a person’s financial stability that they spent years creating. Over 25% of high school students believe that they will be unprepared to manage their finances upon high school graduation (Cooley, 2013). While 43 states require that K-12 standards in financial literacy, only 35 of them are required to be implemented (Heath, 2016). Furthermore, only 17 states require that a high school course in personal finance be taken to graduate and only 6 of those states require any testing in financial literacy concepts (Heath, 2016).

Finance Day at UA was created with the intent to lessen the chances of poor financial decision(s) or a lack of financial knowledge destroying a person’s financial stability. Providing financial literacy to youth gives them one very large advantage: time value of money. Teaching financial literacy to someone earning their first paycheck aids in the development of budgeting, investing and decision-making skills. Finance Day at UA serves to educate the youth of the Akron community on financial literacy in an environment that they can understand through hands on activities and relatable examples.

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Kevin Smith

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Julianne Jones

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Barry Mulholland



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