Date of Last Revision

2018-04-30 13:47:55


Mechanical Engineering

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2018


The design goal of this project was proposed by the sponsor company, Jay-Em Aerospace in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I was tasked with observing a process carried out in the Assembly department by multiple people and charged with coming up with a fixture to improve safety, speed, and accuracy of this task. To determine how to make the process safer, interviews were conducted with the people who would usually be carrying out this process and determined their top concerns and issues with how it is carried out currently. To improve the speed and accuracy of the process, a "time and motion study" was conducted across a period of a week and observed different methods and employees carrying out the process with exact tasks and times being recorded. Once the basic ideas for design were determined, design concepts presented in the "Concepts of Design" course taken at the University of Akron were implemented to pick a specific layout and fixture shape. A large consideration in this design process was cost and assembly time; the sponsor company requested off-the-shelf standard size parts for cheaper, quicker assembly. 3D models were constructed and are shown. Finally, a small project projection is demonstrated at the end of this report to estimate/propose how much time and cost can be saved over the course of a year by constructing and using this proposed fixture.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Gopal Nadkarni



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