Loose Light

Date of Graduation

Spring 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



Research Sponsor

Heather Braun

First Reader

David Giffels

Second Reader

Julie Drew


My honors project is a 9,600-word collection of two short stories. The first story, Loose Light, is a character-driven narrative about an astronomer who has spent his life chasing an outer space phenomenon he saw as a graduate student and what he does when he rediscovers the phenomenon. The second story, Lost Light, is another character-driven narrative about a young man who, after an automobile accident, begins losing his memories. Both stories examine the perspective of the lost, the obsessed, the isolated, and the angry. In the accompanying self-analysis, I explore how my time as a reporter for The University of Akron’s newspaper, my time as a student in fiction workshops, and my time as a young man living in Akron have created and shaped these two stories. I also trace where and how authors like Cormac McCarthy, Anthony Doerr, and Don DeLillo have influenced my own work.

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Fiction Commons