Date of Graduation

Spring 2018

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Education


Middle Level Education - Science / Mathematics

Research Sponsor

Dr. Denise H. Stuart

First Reader

Dr. Lynne M. Pachnowski

Second Reader

Dr. Brandi Noll


The intention of this project was to research articles that explain what dyslexia is and how students are affected by this disability. As a teacher, it is important to address this topic since dyslexia is the leading disability that occurs in classrooms. The eight major subtopics primarily focused on include: what is dyslexia; how dyslexia affects students; and how teachers and parents can help students in their classroom preference. This can be done by using proper teaching techniques, including appropriate accommodations, and by meeting the academic needs of their students and including activities that are proven to help dyslexic students increase their reading abilities. More topics include how parents can help their student at home; benefits of diagnosing early, and how dyslexia impacts other subject areas besides reading. There are appendices attached to this project that include a list of historical figures as well as current and public figures; a list of writing prompts; and a list of websites that address reading techniques. Furthermore, during the project research, teachers were interviewed who have encountered dyslexia in their classrooms and lastly, an anonymous personal story about their experience with dyslexia is included.