Date of Graduation

Winter 2017

Document Type

Honors Research Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Applied Mathematics

Research Sponsor

Curtis Clemons

First Reader

Curtis Clemons

Second Reader

Kevin Kreider


Hackathons are events where groups of college students have 24 hours to build up a any project, using Computer Science and Electrical Engineering skillsets. These events are typically hosted on college campuses, and attract over 200 students per event. Each student brings 2 devices - their phone, and their laptop. That means that 400 devices are connected to a University venue's Internet network, commonly overloading it. Software Lab alleviates this overloading by providing an abstracted NAS node network for events. Software Lab guarantees speeds of at least 100 mbits/s, and provides a 8-10x improvement on download speeds over the common Internet network.