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2017-05-04 11:09:07


Mechanical Engineering - Cooperative Education

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2017


Gilbert Chocolates has proposed to manufacture a machine to wrap chocolate bars. This machine is intended to replace two people wrapping the chocolate bars by hand, which is a time consuming method. This is especially apparent between October and January when the workers are working long hours in preparation for the Christmas rush of customers. Currently wrapping a bar takes about a minute and Gilbert Chocolates wants this time reduced down to 20-30 seconds. The budget for this project is set at $1000, and is being funded by the company. This machine needs to fit in a cubic foot of space and weigh under 30 pounds for storage purposes. This device can be either purely mechanical with manual input, or it may use step motors and a controller. This project pulls from our knowledge in kinematics, dynamics, 3D modeling, tolerance analysis, material selection, manufacturing techniques, and design of components. From doing this project we will learn how to apply all of these concepts together to solve real world problems. This project will encompass the design, manufacturing of a prototype, and optimization of the chocolate bar wrapping machine in hopes that the price of manufacturing chocolate bars can be reduced for Gilbert Chocolates. The final presentation of this project will include a working prototype, a report, and a presentation. The project will be presented at the Engineering Senior Design Project day. The machine will be operated and displayed at this event.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Scott Sawyer

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