Date of Last Revision

2015-06-17 06:12:36



Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2015


Past research suggests that the masculinity/femininity of a supervisor plays a role in the effectiveness of his/her leadership in organizations. This study looked into the relationship between the perceived masculinity and femininity of supervisors by employees and the feedback environment. The data for the research were collected from 66 men and 78 women in the United States who were working 20 or more hours per week using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk website. The survey was the combination of the supervisor subscale of the Feedback Environment Scale (FES) and a slightly modified version of the Personal Attributes Questionnaire (PAQ). Each of the seven dimensions of the Feedback Environment Scale were correlated with the ratings on the Personal Attributes Questionnaire. The results identified a relationship between the perceived masculinity and femininity of supervisors and the feedback environment. It was also discovered that femininity significantly correlated more with the feedback environment than masculinity.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Paul E. Levy

First Reader

Lauren A. Border

Second Reader

Ariel A. Roberts



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