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2023-01-01 09:47:52



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Bachelor of Science

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Fall 2022


RNA being composed of multiple covalently linked nucleotides is thought to have been a precursor to life circa 4.3-3.8 billion years ago. Non-enzymatically formed adenosine monophosphate (AMP), more specifically, is a vitally important subtopic of the self-assembly of the first RNA sequence. The goal of this study was to synthesize AMP non-enzymatically under benign conditions that are likely to have existed on early Earth. In this experiment, 3’,5’-cAMP was successfully formed using wet-dry cycles at 80°C paired with the minerals zeolite beta, hydroxyapatite, and aerosil 300 in the presence of adenosine, urea, and pyrophosphate. A nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer was used to characterize the products of each experiment to determine if any adenosine nucleotides were formed. Decreasing the pH and having a higher number of wet-dry cycles results in a higher amount of cAMP formation.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Nita Sahai

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Dr. Richard Londraville

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Dr. William Donovan

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Dr. William Donovan

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