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2022-11-14 13:01:57



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Bachelor of Arts

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2020


Positive Psychology is a new area of scientific study within the realm of psychology that focuses on the positives in life and the promotion of well-being. Well-being can be promoted though aspects such as flourishing, hedonic and eudaimonic perspectives, positive affect and emotions, happiness, and reappraisal. Older adults make up an ever growing percentage of our population. Despite this, there are still biases and negative viewpoints against aging and older adults. The decline in health and social connectedness in aging is not inevitable and resilience can be imperative to successful aging. It is important to ensure healthy aging so that as future generations transition into older adulthood we can defend against negative health outcomes. Positive psychology can be used to improve the well-being of older adults. In moving forward, we must create more accessible interventions in order to help the well-being of our growing older populations. There is a call to action to shift the psychological paradigm to one that focuses on strength and growth.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Kevin Kaut

First Reader

Dr. Jennifer Stanley

Second Reader

Dr. Philip Allen

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Charles Waehler

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Psychology Commons



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