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2022-08-23 08:27:09



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Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Summer 2022


I will deform natural olivine aggregates (Anita Bay dunite) cores in various orientations relative to a natural mineral alignment in the rock under both dry and wet conditions. Different orientations in regards to this mineral alignment will produce deformation on different slip systems. Stress measurements will be taken during the deformation of the samples in order to characterize any changes in viscous anisotropy observed due to the changes in slip system. Anita Bay dunite is a proxy for the main mineral found in the mantle wedge of subduction zones. Therefore, understanding the transformation of viscosity and slip systems in this sample is important to understanding the processes in subduction zones as a whole, and how these processes affect humans.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Caleb Holyoke

First Reader

Dr. Molly Witter

Second Reader

Dr. David Steer

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. John Peck

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