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2022-05-13 12:07:29



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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2022


The goal of the present study is to investigate whether there is a difference between people who “come out” at a later age compared to those who came out at a “younger age.” There is a dearth of research on the stress of sexual minorities in general and even less research done on the stress of older sexual minorities. The present study also aims to investigate whether

The hypotheses for the present study include the following:

Hypothesis 1: Older LGB adults will have greater Internalized Homonegativity.

Hypothesis 2: Perceived Social Support from Family and Friends will mediate the relationship between age and Internalized Homonegativity.

Research Sponsor

Toni Bisconti

First Reader

Charles Waehler

Second Reader

Jennifer Sublett

Honors Faculty Advisor

Charles Waehler



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