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2022-05-13 05:26:55



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3250:434 and 497

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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2022


As schools and daycares closed in March of 2020, mothers left the labor market in droves, either completely giving up their jobs or significantly cutting back on hours in order to care for children and/or help facilitate online learning. Furthermore, fields historically dominated by women were particularly hard hit, such as education, hospitality, and retail causing many women who may not be mothers to leave the work force as well. This paper considers how women’s labor force participation has changed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how the re-opening of schools, in particular, has impacted women’s return to the workforce. Triple difference estimation shows a small but statistically significant positive effect for both women’s labor force participation and women’s employment status as schools re-open.

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Ali Enami

First Reader

Amanda Weinstein

Second Reader

Ali Enami

Honors Faculty Advisor

Sucharita Ghosh

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