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2022-05-11 09:38:26



Honors Course


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Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


Goal: Apply multiple machine learning techniques to Face Mask images to detect if a student is wear a Face Mask and/or wearing it incorrectly or not at all. Methodology: Use 2-3 different machine learning techniques to develop this program. Will choose these techniques as I research over the semester. The best technique will be the final one used, but many will be explored. Validation techniques will be used to see which is the best technique. Timeline: Choose Dataset - October 1st, Choose techniques - October 31st, Research techniques/validation - November 31st, Begin writing code - December 13th, Finish code - February 1st, Finish Paper - March 31st. Final Output: Will have a program that can classify an image inputted and a paper explaining methodology and why the best technique is best for this situation. Impact: This is a topic I haven't dealt with before (image classification) that will expand on my knowledge of Machine Learning. I have some experience in ML that I can build on here with research and code writing.

Research Sponsor

Nao Mimoto

First Reader

Mark Fridline

Second Reader

Richard Einsporn

Honors Faculty Advisor

Richard Einsporn

Honors Project Report - Frato.docx (835 kB)
Honors Project Report



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