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2022-05-10 12:12:05


Exercise Science

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2022


The purpose of the research is to gain a deeper insight into the perceptions of strength training within the dance community. The research aimed to receive feedback from individuals over the age of 18 who are currently studying, practicing, or teaching dance. METHODS: The survey utilized was replicated among a convenience sample of adult dancers associated with The University of Akron’s dance program from the research of Farmer and Brouner (2021) in their scholarly article, “Perceptions of Strength Training in Dance.” The survey contained 14 questions requiring the individual to assess their personal involvement in strength training. The questions were then followed by 21 statements the individual was expected to react to utilizing the Likert scale response of 1-5. The number 1 was equivalent to strongly disagreeing while the number 5 was equivalent to strongly agreeing. The survey was modified by the researchers, Farmer and Brouner (2021), to reflect the dance genres under investigation by replacing wording such as sports training with dance training and athlete with dancer. At the end of the survey, a free-text comment box was included to offer individuals the opportunity to provide further information about strength training if they chose to participate. RESULTS: The results of the research concluded that most individuals practicing and studying dance within higher education at a midwestern university perceive strength training to be an important and beneficial aspect of their training. DISCUSSION: The implications of this study showcased that most of the dancers at The University of Akron place an emphasis on strength training in their own personal practice. The pre-professional dancers understand the relevance and importance strength training can play in their dance training and practice.

Research Sponsor

Melissa Smith

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Judith Juvancic-Heltzel

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Colleen Barnes

Honors Faculty Advisor

Melissa Smith

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Keywords: strength training, dancers, higher education



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