College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Date of Last Revision

2022-05-02 07:47:00


Corrosion Engineering

Honors Course

4250 497 - 003

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


In this work, the critical pitting temperature (CPT) will be observed for a selection of austenitic (316LN and 24100) and duplex (2205), and lean duplex (2304, 2001) stainless steels in simulated concrete pore solution. To study the influence of temperature on the pitting stability of the stainless steels, three temperatures were tested: 25oC, 45oC, and 65oC for cyclic potentiodynamic polarization (CPP) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Electrochemical properties of the interfaces we studied via EIS analysis. Kinetics were studied via CPP testing. To reveal the critical pitting temperature of the stainless steels, cyclic thermammetry was used. Characterization of the pits was studied via, OM, IFM, and SEM.

Research Sponsor

David Bastidas

First Reader

Ulises Martin

Second Reader

Qixin Zhou

Honors Faculty Advisor

Hong Cong



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