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Civil Engineering

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Spring 2015


To lessen congestion at intersections, traffic identification systems are placed at roadway intersections in order to collect vehicle data. These traffic identification systems include various types of detectors that can identify the presence of vehicles in real-time. However, these detectors can only detect their presence and not their turning movements. To fix this issue, The University of Akron has developed a program that can automatically identify vehicle turning movements and is called the Automatic Turning Movement Identification System, or ATMIS. ATMIS uses mathematical algorithms to compute the vehicle’s turning movements based on a sink and feed detector paring. During traffic simulations while using ATMIS, it was found that it could not adequately compute certain vehicle behaviors and turning movements resulting in output errors. To determine the specific traffic events that are causing the output errors in ATMIS, traffic simulations were conducted on two different geometric intersections in Traffic in Cities Simulation Model, VISSIM, software. The turning movements accurately calculated by ATMIS and also the turning movement output errors were recorded and analyzed for both intersection simulations. Once all ATMIS errors were identified in the output, the simulations were conducted once again for a further in depth analysis of each error. Simulations were altered to a slower rate in order to analyze and visually capture each individual turning movement error. The error information was documented and organized in such a way to recommend possible solutions to increase the accuracy of the ATMIS software.

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Dr. Ping Yi

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Dr. David Roke

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Dr. Junliang Tao



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