College of Engineering and Polymer Science

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2023-05-05 21:03:38


Mechanical Engineering

Honors Course

ME Senior Design Project

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2022


TTM Technologies (TTM) is a global printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer. The work described in this report was completed in the TTM North Jackson, Ohio location. This plant focuses primarily on the manufacturing of rigid and rigid-flex PCBs for the aerospace and defense industry. TTM North Jackson has an ongoing labor dependency issue due to the shortage of workers the nation is facing. To solve this problem, TTM has focused the efforts of their new engineers and interns on automating processes that are labor dependent. The goal is to provide design guidance to be used later by TTM to automate a process line with an Epson VT6L 6-axis robot. The robot will be a pick and place machine that will load the line. Having the process fully automated will allow the operator to take on a supervisor role and perform tasks related to robot supervision and maintenance. The final deliverables completed for this project include the completed robot workstation design, assembled end of arm tool (EoAT), safety equipment configuration, cost analysis, miscellaneous 3D printed components, and simulation showing the system is compatible with the code provided.

Research Sponsor

TTM Technologies

First Reader

Noor Fahoum

Second Reader

Jeffrey Eckelberry

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Amir Nourhani



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