Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences

Date of Last Revision

2021-12-06 05:30:26


Middle Level Education

Honors Course

5250 430 - 002

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2021


This project examines how outdoor educational experiences can improve social emotional learning in middle school students (grades 4-9). Questions to be addressed include: How can outdoor education field trips meet middle grade social emotional standards in Ohio?; What are the gains and pains for teachers involved in such opportunities?; What are the gains and pains for middle school students (grades 6-8) involved in outdoor educational opportunities?; What recommendations can be made for outdoor educational field trips to increase student social emotional learning? Initial research will be conducted using a literature review of place-based education, environmental education, field trips. and social emotional learning. I will use my findings to create an interview for middle school teachers and other experts in outdoor education, such as youth camp directors, to further gain information. Approximately 15 interviewees will be selected based on criteria explained in the proposal. The final report of my findings will thoroughly answer the above question and be published on IdeaExchange and shared with any interested interviewee. While some existing research exists on social emotional learning, the connection between it and outdoor educational experience is unique and of personal interest. This project will greatly aid current and future educators.

Research Sponsor

Brad Maguth

First Reader

Ghada Awad

Second Reader

Lisa Allison

Honors Faculty Advisor

Gary Holiday



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