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7660 499-003

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Bachelor of Science

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Fall 2021


Due to health concerns, many consumers have started to incorporate nutrient-dense functional foods into their everyday diet. Chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.) are an important globally consumed legume. They are utilized in foods due to their higher protein quality compared to other types of pulses grown around the world as they contain all the essential amino acids. Another important factor is that it can be used as a supplement for protein for vegetarians and as a grain substitute for consumers who have celiac disease and cannot consume gluten. The main purpose of this study was to determine the effects of complete and partial substitution of all-purpose flour with chickpea flour on the physical and sensory attributes of brownies. The physical properties that were measured were pH, moisture content, and volume index. Sensory characteristics were also measured as well. All-purpose flour at a 100% ratio was the control variable while chickpea flour at 50% and 100% ratios were the experimental variables. The results revealed that the only significant difference was in the volume index. There were no differences in sensory evaluations, meaning that chickpea flour can be used in baked goods for additional nutrition value without being a noticeable replacement to customers.

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Pei-Yang Liu

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Leann Schaeffer

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Patricia Anzo

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Christin Seher

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