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2021-09-14 08:44:09


Financial Management

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Spring 2021


With the flagrant recognition of the coronavirus as one of those most impactful viruses in the history of the world, it is important to study how the effects of such a disease can create troublesome ripple effects in the world. Covid-19 has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of individuals and has negatively impacted the lives of American’s all across the country during the nationwide lockdown. Decreased work commuters, minimal road travel, and little need for car repairs hit the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company hard. The University of Akron has teamed up with Goodyear to explore such effects and to answer the proposed research question by Goodyear: Less Commute Miles. Decreased Tire Wear. What Would You Do?

Research Sponsor

Rodrigo Ciossani

First Reader

Joseph Fox

Second Reader

Andy Platt

Honors Faculty Advisor

Joseph Fox



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