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2021-09-14 04:31:57


Mechanical Engineering

Honors Course

Senior Design Project

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2021


Golf is a unique sport because the players consist of various ages. Inexperience and old age are two factors that cause issues on the course for others, such as improperly repaired divots. Divots are “craters” in the ground caused by the golf ball landing with high velocity on the greens. Older players encounter body limitations that make it difficult for them to bend over in order to properly fix the divots on every hole. This device will be created to properly repair divots to keep the greens in good playing condition for all players and to keep the older players healthy.

Research Sponsor

Dave Peters

First Reader

Juliana Amir

Second Reader

Alper Buldum

Honors Faculty Advisor

Scott Sawyer

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Final Report

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