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2021-09-14 04:44:31


Mechanical Engineering

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2021


A vortex generator (VG hereafter) is a common feature of an aircraft wing that disturbs the flow on the leading edge of the wing, thus energizing the boundary layer and reducing flow separation. For an aircraft experiencing flow separation, VGs can increase the lift-to-drag ratio of the wing and prevent stall; however, if flow separation isn’t an issue, the unnecessary frontal area of the VGs has the potential to produce parasitic drag. This study seeks to determine whether the use of a deployment system can improve the performance of VG’s by raising or lowering them depending on the angle of attack of the wing. Using wind tunnel testing, a feed-forward control deployment system was developed which improved the lift to drag ratio for some angles of attack, and it was determined that further development could potentially produce a system with significant improvements in aircraft efficiency.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Manigandan Kannan

First Reader

David Warther III

Second Reader

Ray Roos

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Scott Sawyer

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