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No Downsides


College of Business Administration

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2021-05-04 08:04:03


Supply Chain/Operations Management

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Spring 2021


The honors research project that I have decided to work on is with a podcast called Upside. They are a podcast about investment startups looking to saturate the country with localized emerging markets content. I am working in a group of four people to determine the best ways in which Upside can expand throughout the country. We will be conducting secondary research such as a feasibility study of localized emerging business podcasts and their underlying business models. Our group will also be conducting a city-by-city analysis based on current media competition & new business fundamentals, as well as making recommendations on complementary business types to build or buy on the product roadmap. Overall we want to help Upside expand outside of Silicon Valley to facilitate a more diverse business culture.

Research Sponsor

Joseph Fox

First Reader

Shane Kelliher

Second Reader

Kyle Genetin

Honors Faculty Advisor

Joseph Fox

Final Research Paper No Downsides.pdf (902 kB)
Final Research Paper for Team No Downsides

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