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2021-09-14 08:00:03


Business Administration

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6100: 497

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Spring 2021


In light of everything going on in the world today, Goodyear has started to question the next steps of their company. One of their biggest concerns is that since people are not driving as much, they will not be putting as much wear on their tires, meaning the tires they currently have on their vehicles will last longer and will not have the need to purchase new tires as frequently. Goodyear has asked us to look into what their company should do with all of the factors affecting their company. Should they pivot their focus to a different industry to make up for the lost sales and revenue from people utilizing their vehicles less? Should they expand on the products and services they already produce and offer, but make changes to allow them to adapt to the new "normal" of today's society? Should they downsize their company to make up for the decrease in sales due to COVID-19? These are questions we have been asked to explore and report back to Goodyear on what we believe is the best option for their company, based on the secondary and primary research we conduct.

Research Sponsor

Rodrigo Ciossani

First Reader

Joseph Fox

Second Reader

Andy Platt

Honors Faculty Advisor

Joseph Fox



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