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Respiratory Therapy

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2021


Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA) is a mode of ventilation that is triggered by neither flow nor pressure but by the electrical activity of the diaphragm (Stein & Firestone, 2018, p. 227). NAVA puts ventilatory control into the hands of the patient and is often used in neonates who are more challenging to ventilate. Medical practitioners, however, are skeptical to put this mode of ventilation into practice with fear that neonates are neither strong enough nor capable to manage their own respiratory efforts without hypoventilation or damage to the lungs (Lubarsky et al., 2020, p. 3). Research shows that despite these apprehensions, neonates are able manage their own breathing safely and effectively (Lubarsky et al., 2020; Stein & Firestone, 2018). NAVA also offers some benefits in comparison to other traditional modes of ventilation such as quicker weaning, better patient-ventilator synchrony, and decreased work of breathing (Stein & Firestone, 2018, p. 228, 232; Matlock et al., 2020; Schmidt et al., 2012). The NAVA technology does not simply stop at ventilation alone; it is an additional asset that can provide CPAP with backup ventilation in cases of Apnea of Prematurity and can aid in detecting CCHS, a hypoventilation syndrome (Hussain et al., 2020; Rauf et al., 2019). NAVA is of great value to the neonatal intensive care unit and beyond.

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Stacia Biddle

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Marc Haas

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Kelli Chronister

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Stacia Biddle

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