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2021-04-25 16:07:22



Honors Course


Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Music

Date of Expected Graduation

Fall 2021


This honors project is for an analysis paper based on one movement of an original music composition by the author in the realm of environmental sound art. The movement, entitled “Fall” from the Symphony of Nature, consists of hundreds of individual audio recordings of specific animals (such as an American Crow, Carolina Ground Cricket, and Gray Catbird), groups of animals (such as a choir of Ground Crickets, a murder of crows, and so forth), or geophonic sounds (such as a light rain on dry leaves, a several-miles-distant thunderstorm, or mid-to-high range audio spectrum wind). The analysis paper includes the rationale behind selecting the project, the processes through which it was composed and the score assembled, an analysis of the composition, and a description of its dissemination. Further, it will explore possible future applications of the idea and the implications it contains for music, the environment, and ecomusicology.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Brooks Toliver

First Reader

Dr. Robert Brownlow

Second Reader

Dr. James Wilding

Honors Faculty Advisor

Kevin Lewis



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