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Civil Engineering

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2021


Colorado Springs is an up-and-coming area where many people have decided to move to for multiple opportunities. With more people, comes more traffic flow and unfortunately, more accidents. Throughout the state, there is a large attempt to lower accidents, especially at intersections. One type of intersection that can be of great benefit is the roundabout. In fact, Colorado was an early adapter of the roundabout in order to improve traffic flow and decrease fatal accident statistics. When designing a roundabout, although good intentions are planned, complications can still arise. In most scenarios, roundabouts are able to reduce the number of fatal crashes on the road and increase traffic flow efficiency. The following research report will analyze the advantages and disadvantages with roundabouts in Colorado as a whole, and more specifically, the City of Colorado Springs. In addition, the research conducted will provide an overall analysis of the life of a roundabout. Although roundabouts have a higher initial price per project than traffic signals, roundabouts are able to save cost long term. There are multiple benefits to utilize roundabouts, and Colorado Springs could potentially see an influx in roundabouts within the city. The following research was conducted under the supervision of Dr. William Schneider at The University of Akron.

The research conducted for this report has deemed a few conclusions. First, when analyzing an intersection, a roundabout should always be considered for multiple reasons. Roundabout safety and markings are vital when designing a roundabout. A roundabout is more costly in the initial stages of a project but will save money in the long term. And finally, Colorado Springs should expect to multiple roundabouts implemented throughout the city due to the benefits.

Research Sponsor

Dr. William Schneider IV, P.E.

First Reader

Nariman Mahabadi

Second Reader

Dr Anil Patnaik

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ping Yi, P.E.



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