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2021-09-13 13:08:41



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Nursing Research: 8200:480

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Spring 2021


During childbirth, women experience labor pain throughout the three stages of labor. The first stage is where the contractions start and end which creates the need for a form of pain management. Various techniques are used to manage first stage labor pains. The use of non-pharmacological methods is becoming more prevalent because natural births are becoming more popular and pharmacological interventions have side effects and drug interactions. The purpose of this paper is to conduct a systematic review of the literature comparing non-pharmacological pain management methods in women during the first stage of labor. This will answer the PICOT question: In women during the first stage of labor, how do the non-pharmacological interventions of hydrotherapy, therapeutic touch, and the use of the birthing ball, compared to the standard treatment, affect pain management. Search methods include use of keywords in databases: CINAHL plus with full text, MEDLINE with full text, and SocINDEX with full text. Twenty research articles are used to describe hydrotherapy, birthing ball use and therapeutic touch as pain management methods in labor. Based on a critical appraisal of the evidence, recommendations for future practice will be created.

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Debra Horning

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Michele Zelko

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Greta Lax

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Christine Graor

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