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Bachelor of Arts

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Spring 2021


If we are honest, the modern Evangelical Church has struggled to find a clear answer on what the Bible says about the role of women. This ambiguity often causes women of faith to be confused or uncertain about their value, role, and function in the church. In Front Pew Reflections: Redefining the Role of Women and Solid Theology in the Church, I tell of my personal experiences and struggles as a young woman of faith growing up in the Slavic church. In this reflective piece, I share the discoveries I have made about what the Bible says about the role and value of women in the church and the ever-growing need for Christian women to study theology and be rooted in truth.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Heather Braun

First Reader

Dr. Mary Biddinger

Second Reader

Dr. Philathia Bolton

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Philathia Bolton


While the creative portion of this project has been omitted to allow for future publication, the critical essay and self-analysis portion are included for a description of the work.

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