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2020-12-10 13:47:38



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3750 498 003 - 72752

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Bachelor of Arts

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Fall 2020


Since the introduction of the concept of the Dark Triad, a great deal of literature has been published regarding its validity, predictive power, and effective uses. One typical feature of Dark Triad research that has been relatively absent in the recent literature has been the inclusion of other personal or contextual factors to improve the predictive validity of the Dark Triad. In this paper, I attempt to explain how a factor such as gender conformity in women may mediate the relationship of Dark Triad scores to the outcome of sexual deception. Further analysis also attempts to reason the utility of including other factors during assessment that may contribute to outcomes related to the Dark Triad— such as the inclusion of another proposed trait into the now-called Dark Tetrad, which I will refer to once the proposed additional trait is explained. In short, the Dark Triad is a trait theory used to examine the darker side of personality, which this paper attempts to bring into more practical applications. Furthermore, this manuscript lays out my plans for a study on the topic in the future.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Kaut

First Reader

Dr. Stanley

Second Reader

Dr. Waehler

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Waehler


Concerning my third reader/honors academic advisor, Dr. Waehler approved the project and agreed to be a reader. His signature page is an email where he expressed a written signature. Due to situation regarding Covid-19, I was not able to ask these individuals to sign the form in person, so there are several signature pages. I have attached signature pages from each individual to the proposal document. If this is an issue please let me know and I will fix it immediately.



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