College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Date of Last Revision

2020-12-07 08:09:09


Biomedical Engineering

Honors Course

4800:491, 4800:492

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Winter 2020


The natural environment poses a significant number of obstacles and dynamic settings that makes mobility difficult for those with physical and mobility impairments. To approach this problem, a suspension was designed using inspiration from the early Mars rovers developed by NASA for traversing the varied Martian landscape. The course of the project followed the direction of a start-up through problem identification, early design generation and review, and final design production. The project outcome, through client request and proven market research, aimed to produce a multi-terrain wheelchair. The final product is a kinematic body with mobile front “legs” and a rotational degree of freedom between the two supporting halves, allowing for uneven terrain changes between the two sides and for overcoming step height obstacles. A linkage suspension system was designed to create mobility in the basic design and another suspension piece was created in order to provide payload or patient stability on the product. The final project outcome delivered a 3D modeled package of components and assemblies as well as basic material strength analysis to verify design strength and support qualifications before physical assembly.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Henry Astley

First Reader

Colleen Unsworth

Second Reader

Dr. Adel Alhalawani

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. James Keszenheimer

Approved Signature Page Complete.pdf (312 kB)
Approved Faculty and Reader Signatures for final project report submission



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