LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education (LJFFCOE)

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2020-05-20 06:44:01


Intervention Specialist for Mild/Moderate Educational Needs

Honors Course


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Bachelor of Science in Education

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2020


The University of Akron recently began a study by the name of “Productive Uncertainty in a Laboratory Setting (PULSe): Engaging Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Scientific Research” that has aims to promote the science, technology, engineering, or mathematic (STEM) career pathway for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder by broadening their experiences with relevant scientific research. The study involved a student enrolled in a STEM program that was also diagnosed with ASD, a student studying to be an intervention specialist, and other relevant faculty and students that could offer relevant research and learning opportunities for the students involved. Since the community involved in PULSe is very academically diverse, this study also has goals to continuously promote the collaboration amongst various departments to promote the full integration of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the STEM fields. This paper will discuss the PULSe study’s great strides in achieving these goals during the Spring 2019 semester and will focus on the experiences acquired by the students involved.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Alfred Daviso

First Reader

Dr. Gail Evanchan

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Dr. Ruel McKenzie

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Alfred Daviso

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