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2020-05-18 12:38:24


Mechanical Engineering

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2020


Photogrammetry is a process that accurately gathers measurements from multiple photographs, capturing all sides and angles of the object. As long as a point is visible in at least three different photographs, its position can be triangulated accurately relative to each other point on the model. This process has a diverse range of applications, from surveying land to developing virtual training systems for professional athletes. One interesting application for photogrammetry is to create highly accurate electronic three-dimensional models from a series of photographs. We intend to build a miniature photogrammetry rig for use at the University of Akron.

Research Sponsor

Jae-Won Choi

First Reader

Gopal Nadkarni

Second Reader

Alper Buldum

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dane Quinn

Proposal Cover Final.pdf (932 kB)
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Engineering Commons



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