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2021-09-10 14:45:44


Corrosion Engineering - Cooperative Education

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Bachelor of Science

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Spring 2020


This project was focused on the development and testing of several novel pigments that exhibit high NIR-reflectance and therefore show potential for use in “cool” coatings. A “cool” coating will reflect more solar radiation than other standard coatings, and so a coated structure would require less energy to keep cool. Four sets of pigments were synthesized: Co1-xMgxCr2O4 (teal), Co0.25Mg0.75Cr2-yAlyO4 (blue), Ti1-x-yNixSbyO2 (yellow), and Cr2-xFexO3 (black). NIR and TSR values were then measured for these pigments at a Sherwin-Williams research and development facility. Results from the testing provided information regarding the optimal compositions for the different sets of pigments and indicated that the blue and black pigments seemed to show the most promise for use in “cool” coatings. The black pigments were then used to mix up simple epoxy coating systems that were used to testing the effectiveness of “cool” coatings at the small-scale when compared to coatings made using a control pigment. This coating testing was the focus of a second project done in conjunction with this one, by Ashleigh Carpenter, and results can be found in the corresponding paper published for that project.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Qixin Zhou

First Reader

Dr. Hongbo Cong

Second Reader

Cheng Zhang

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Hongbo Cong

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