College of Health Professions (CHP)

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2020-05-05 12:34:52


Dietetics - Coordinated Program

Honors Course


Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2020


The purpose of this research project is to measure eating competence among participants, ages 35 to 74 years-old, who are enrolled in a 15-week weight management and chronic disease prevention program at Summa Health Equity Center. The objective of this research is to determine whether the cohort's eating competence grew as a result of completing of the program that focuses on nutrition education, behavior modification, physical activity, and cooking demos. This data will be used to help program facilitators determine if the cohort's eating competence grew as a result of the nutrition and behavior modification provided throughout the program. Three nutrition education presentations were created and delivered over a 5-week time span as part of the greater 15-week program. The Ellyn Satter Eating Competence Scale (ecSI 2.0, 2011) will be used to determine the cohort's nutrition competence at the beginning and end of the program. It is hoped that the cohort's eating competence will grow from the programming.

Research Sponsor

Christin Seher

First Reader

Kathy Schupp

Second Reader

Michelle Boltz

Honors Faculty Advisor

Christin Seher



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