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2020-05-05 12:34:32


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Honors Course


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Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2020


For this project, Schaeffler reached out to students at the University of Akron to design an ergonomic pushcart for their operators. Operators at the plant must bend down to pick up or place torque converter components on and off the current carts. To solve this design issue, compression springs and tension springs were researched. The research found that compression springs were the more feasible design. After the design approach was selected, calculations were made, so spring parameters could be selected. The calculations found the proper spring design to use, and they conveyed the possible buckling of the springs if they went unsupported. Guide rods were placed in most of the springs to account for buckling concerns.

The Leveling-Position Platform Cart that was designed will solve the ergonomic issue in an effective way. The operator will no longer have to bend down to pick up or place down parts because the cart will rise as weight is taken off, and it will lower from its top position as weight is added. While the design is sound, finding ways to reduce the overall weight of the cart would be a great improvement.

Research Sponsor

Thomas Lukach

First Reader

Scott Dilling

Second Reader

Wesley Carpenter

Honors Faculty Advisor

Sarah Hoge

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