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2021-09-10 15:29:25


Social Work

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7750 493-001

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Bachelor of Fine Arts

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Spring 2020


The traumatic and unexpected death of a loved one, such as suicides, homicides, and traffic fatalities, is one of the most difficult experiences a person may go through. In Summit County, Ohio, bereaved families are served by Victim Assistance Program (VAP), who help promote the healing process through education, advocacy, and crisis intervention. VAP identified a need for a workbook to assist families with navigating the days and weeks that follow the death of their loved one. In order to create a brochure considerate of the possible needs of families grieving the tragedy, various aspects of their experience were researched. This was achieved by conducting a literature review of over 35 academic articles, examining reports and resources from leading professional agencies, and gathering practice knowledge from local experts. The report focuses its investigation on the impact trauma has on a surviving loved one’s physical health, mental health and evidence based strategies to reduce these impacts; and experiences with the criminal justice system, formal and informal supports, and the media. Supplemented with this report is the finished brochure, which is based on this paper’s research.

Research Sponsor

Michele Thornton

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Rebecca Cool

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Alexandra Potter

Honors Faculty Advisor

Michele Thornton

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Completed Signature Page

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A Survivor's Toolkit and Guide to Healing



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