College of Health Professions (CHP)

Date of Last Revision

2021-09-13 14:46:00


Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy

Honors Course

5550: 430-002

Number of Credits


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Date of Expected Graduation

Spring 2020


The purpose of the project is to evaluate physiological and quality of life changes in a

sedentary, senior-aged (55 or older) female using a six-week strength training

intervention. This case study will instruct how to perform a push-pull-legs split

routine by going to the gym three times per week. Prior to the six week intervention,

both quantitative and qualitative variables will be collected to assess baseline data,

including the subject’s resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, grip strength, one-

repetition maximum on seven whole body exercises (dumbbell bicep curl, tricep

pushdown, barbell bench press, wide-grip lat pull-down, seated dumbbell press,

hamstring curl, and leg press), body composition (using air density in the BodPod), as

well as subjective questionnaires, the 36-Item Short Form Survey (SF-36) and Malay-

McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire (MMQOL), to measure the subject’s quality of life.

Throughout the six-week intervention, the subject will also be asked to keep a journal

each day she goes to the gym, in which she will record the exercises performed, how

long she was at the gym, and overall feedback on how she felt during each exercise

session. Upon completion of the six-week intervention, variables will be collected

again to examine changes in strength and/or quality of life.

Research Sponsor

Dr. Laura Richardson

First Reader

Dr. Ronald Otterstetter

Second Reader

Stephanie Davis-Dieringer

Honors Faculty Advisor

Dr. Laura Richardson



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