I want to show that a pair of overalls can be a document in many senses, and thus demonstrate that the complementary relationship between materiality, sociality and conceptuality is a very complex relationship.

I will use an artistic approach to show the complex relationship and make an exposition of verbal text and images, consisting of 4 parts:

1. Origin of overalls

A short history of overalls - denim pants first with suspenders and later with bibs. They go back to the 18th century, were mass-produced by Levi Strauss and Lee and became popular work garment and later for leisure and fashion for both men and women.

2. "Broken in" overalls

A document of use and often hard work, shown in faded denim. They can be used for generations, with overalls handed over from father to sons or daughters

3. Mending overalls

A document of repairing overalls by mending and patching, documenting traditions for mending clothes

4. Overalls as wearable art

A document of art shown by the visible mending and patches making overalls into pieces of art work

5. Document theory

Overalls - a showcase of the complexity of the complementary relationship between materiality, sociality and conceptuality

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