The DOCAM’15 theme called for an examination of the challenges ahead with our understanding of documents in a continuously changing information landscape. One such challenge has been to find specific intersecting areas of the information sciences on which authors from different disciplines might collaborate. We take ourselves as one such case study. One of us works in information science and often thinks about applications of Information Theory. One of us works on developing models for museum practice, that is, theory upon which museum work might become more intentional and robust. Thinking about Documents Unbounded has led us to align some of our recent work, and, by doing so, demonstrate that manifestations of information theory abound across the information disciplines, which have origin in and continuing relevance with the document, museum, communications, and library studies realms. In this philosophical experiment, we try to draw lines between Wood and Latham’s (2013) Object Knowledge Framework (OKF) and O’Connor, Kearns & Anderson’s (2008) notion of Question (Q), in order to make some assertions about drawing lines between disciplines.

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