Measuring Oxygen Diffusion Coefficients with Polarographic Oxygen Electrodes. Ii. Fermentation Media

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Fall 1986


Fermentation media consist of a large number of chemicals which composition undergoes alteration during the course of fermentations. In consequence, the conventional methods and correlations for gas diffusion coefficient measurement and prediction cannot be easily applied to such systems. Oxygen diffusion coefficients have been measured in simulated chemical systems as well as in complex solutions of nutrient broth, using the polarographic technique introduced in a previous article. It is identified that sugars and salts are the major factors influencing oxygen diffusion coefficients in these aqueous fermentation media. The effect of salts on oxygen diffusion coefficients in electrolyte solutions has been found to be well correlated with the square root of total ionic strength of electrolyte solutions. The individual effect of glucose and its combined effect with salts are explored in order to reach rational correlations capable of predicting oxygen diffusion coefficients in synthetic fermentation media. For aqueous solutions of glucose plus salts, it is observed that the log-additive relationship can be used to account for the combined effect. Finally, a linear correlation has been established in measuring oxygen diffusion coefficients in aqueous solutions having different concentrations of nutrient broth.





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