This issue of the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies (JAPAS) contributes to a dearth of literature on ways to understand how plain Anabaptist culture influences agri-environmental beliefs and practices and how it informs outreach and research. Only a few studies currently focus on outreach with plain Anabaptist growers (e.g., Brock, Ulrich-Schad, and Prokopy 2018; Bergefurd 2011; Jepsen and Mann 2015; Stoltzfus 2019; Hoorman and Spencer 2001/2002). This issue of JAPAS is the first comprehensive publication to include research articles and service provider reports focusing on plain people and agriculture. This issue addresses the history of Anabaptist agriculture and environmental practices; complications of applying agrarian ideals; collaboration with and within the community; and extension programming, communication, and collaborations. These research articles and service provider reports highlight insights from past outreach efforts and opportunities for future improvement. [First paragraph.]