I opened the dissertation with hopeful interest. Would “Amish Women: Work and Change” be the factual, realistic view I had hoped for so many times before? The British author, Frances M. Handrick, interviewed 30 Amish women in Pennsylvania and Ohio. She compares our lives with the lives of Amish women 30 to 50 years ago. She also gleans bits of information from other writers and researchers, and the end result is a mixture of fact and the usual stereotypes. I want to recognize that, from what I understand, Ms. Handrick researched and wrote the dissertation for her own use, not for distribution to a broader audience. And I want to recognize that I am reading her thesis from the perspective of an Amish woman, not a college researcher, so I will not address how she did the study in ways relevant for her discipline. I included references where applicable when she sources ideas from other researchers. [First paragraph.]